Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ohhhh Myyyy Englissshhhh.....

aduiiiii punya lah bikin malu tahap ke inglishan saya bila baca all over my blog... the first thing why i created a blog because of wanted to improve my English Grammar la.. tapi makin terukk pulaaa... so Teachers blogger out there... tolong saya... The reason why my English turn out so terrible, maybe of lack of reading English books nowadays.. lack of watching English movies, lack of speaking in English etc......  so once again any ideas please drop a comment here... i need helppp... :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Advance to the max!!

Around last week, Marina brought her Collection Card for a Jogathon around May.. So she ask me a favour to collect $ from my colleagues..  so tidak sempat bawa, yesterday she showed me the almost fulled card.. so happy la jugak rasa dia... i took the card and spotted that all the splendid donors was her classmates.. and i asked her where's the money...? "diorang hutang dulu".. speechless and funny... and the dateline is today... with her innocent face she asked me to pay first... aduiii ba... mama juga yang derma ni nampaknya... ishh budak2 zaman sekarang, advanced to the max la... :), never ever underestimate underage kids nowadays.. Zaman IT..

Monday, April 30, 2012

Hari Pekerja

My dearest little one and Daddy's gurl Marina.. very dearly and sometimes very manja.. Today she made me laugh :), she told me that today she got tuition and tomorrow too.. but she's not going for tomorrow tuition and i asked why... you all know what she answered.. I'm also Pekerja mahhh.. you are a student how come suddenly you became a labour i asked her back.. Pekerja Perpustakaan she said.. aduiii ba.. so clever ba nowadays punya budak... punya sakit perut saya... so amacam tu? Chegu Carol & Tcher Annie.. cuba tolong jawab.. hehe :)Happy Labours Day to you all...

Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm not so into Malaysian Movie, bukan apa just that it's always turn out dissapointed.. My last Malaysian Movie was KL Gangster, its just becos i was drag by my two son.. so sempat la tinguk, my rating to that movie 6/10.. cos sampai sekarang i can't remember apa sudah jalan cerita dia.. :D.. Yesterday i subscribed "Ombak Rindu", because of friends' review and heard all over it on FB.. i bought it in the afternoon, since yesterday Sunday.. so mau chillax kunun2 with the family... at 3 i called everybody including my helper (my Indonesian maid) to sit together in front of the tv.. "tinguk movie kita" i said... so on la "Ombak Rindu" ni... i wasn't expect this movie so much, lantak ja la.. sampai half ja ... habis my tears all over my face... habisla siap kena ejek my kids n hubby lagi.. haha.. everybody seems so enjoyed with that movie.. memang best.. I'm agreed with you all who already watch this... best.. best... wanted 2 watch it again tonight.. :D