Wednesday, January 28, 2009


You want to know more about Keningau, this will help. 30 years ago, Keningau was a small cowboy town.. I remembered that time, my father once a while brought my sister and me to watch movie at the old cinema (forgot oredy the name..) but there is no cinema now here in Keningau.. Still on my mind before went back home we will met this uncle to buy his "sotong tumbuk".. woww.. very yummy one, i tell u.. (tapun-tapun).. But all the old memories has passed.. still I'm here after 37 years living with full of memories.. Sambil-sambil promo Keningau, actually my 37th birthday today.. What i got for my birthday was these.. Thanks to you my dear Jacob, Melvin, Mark & Marina.. I love you all very much...

Monday, January 26, 2009


belajar-belajar photoshop.. ni ja hasil dia.. just the basic one la... belum lagi tahap maksimum kepakaran dia... ni pun belajar dari Youtube.. hehehe, new pic to old pic version...

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Since i'm mixed Indian Sino, we celebrated all occasion or festival here in Sabah.. Xmas, we partying, CNY we celebrate, Kaamatan we aramaitii, hari raya too, even deepavali also we partying.. so in short, we are multi racial family.. But for all the gatherings, we must always aware the people who around us that still sick, need a helping hand and the one who already leave us.. Sometime with enjoyment, partying and so on, we always unaware about our health.. But then time is short.. so these is the time we must spend time together with our loves one.. here, pictures of my family and the gatherings .. GONG XI FA CAI everyone..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


blogger friends.. spend a little of your time to check out my hubby's blog n my melvin's blog.. And please comment if you have any k..

5 Things U Don't Know About Me..

hmmm.. reveal myself.. at least u know a little bit about me la...

1st... looks friendly but am not.. i'm shy shy one..

2nd... looks talkative but am not.. actually i'm quiet.. (by talking just to cover the shy shy one la..)

3rd... looks coward but am not.. i'm brave one mahhh.. (malu2 kunun tapi berani juga hehehe..???!!)

4th... looks like the one who cannot cook.. but i'm the best cook for my children (biar pun kadang2 tapau tapi durang bilang sedap juga mama masak, hehhehe sorry kids).. but my hubby always praise my cooking, thx love..

5th... looks stylish (cehh perasan..) but am not.. hubby n melvin always told me what to wear wherever i want to go out, hehehe ...

.. will reveals more soon but not all la k.. the rest you judge me by yourself la.. o ya.. guys I'm tagging u all, can u characterize me just by hopping my blog??

Thursday, January 8, 2009


January.. month of the year

1st.. Analysis report
2nd.. Compiling datas
3rd.. Annual Meeting with staffs
4th.. Annual Report
5th.. Development Plan for this year
6th.. Kids going back to school
7th.. Thinking??? What should I do with my life this year..
8th.. One year older..heheeheh.. (hoping to get lot of gifts from u all.. yayyy!!!)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Balik Sekolah

Hari ini, ibu bapa sibuk menyediakan anak-anak untuk kembali ke sekolah.. Sempat meninjau-ninjau, akitiviti ibu bapa menghantar anak-anak ke sekolah pagi tadi.. terutama sekali anak-anak yang first time masuk kelas.. Ada ibu bapa nampak risau gelisah, ada juga yang nampak excited.. tapi bila sudah hantar masuk kelas nanti aaahh rasa la tu.. (i've been thru all this..) Risau-risau juga tadi bila nampak anak-anak kecil (kelas tadika) yang menangis, takut pula anak kecil saya ikut menangis (Marina Thn Ke-2 Tadika).. tapi nampaknya sudah kena motivate my 2 heroes pagi tadi.. so dia pun control ayu la hehehe.. my older kids said to her, nangis-nangis tu "baby " ja.. Jadi semuanya berjalan lancar pagi tadi..Thank u to Melvin & Mark.. So, saya menghabiskan masa saya pagi ni dengan blogging la.. Masih cuti hingga 8 Januari ni.. Sebab yang pastinya balik kerja nanti pasti sibuk lagi.. O ya kepada teman-teman "Cikgu" tu, Selamat Kembali Menjalankan Tugas..