Thursday, May 3, 2012

Advance to the max!!

Around last week, Marina brought her Collection Card for a Jogathon around May.. So she ask me a favour to collect $ from my colleagues..  so tidak sempat bawa, yesterday she showed me the almost fulled card.. so happy la jugak rasa dia... i took the card and spotted that all the splendid donors was her classmates.. and i asked her where's the money...? "diorang hutang dulu".. speechless and funny... and the dateline is today... with her innocent face she asked me to pay first... aduiii ba... mama juga yang derma ni nampaknya... ishh budak2 zaman sekarang, advanced to the max la... :), never ever underestimate underage kids nowadays.. Zaman IT..


chegu carol said...

hahaha buli lagi ah hutang2...adehhhh, advance but not quite a positive influence. kici2 suda pandai berhutang hehehe

-mel- said...

dats y la.. advance tp smua yg negatif ni.. bkin takuttt... hpfully tey can differentiate mana yang bagus n mana yg tidak kan..