Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm not so into Malaysian Movie, bukan apa just that it's always turn out dissapointed.. My last Malaysian Movie was KL Gangster, its just becos i was drag by my two son.. so sempat la tinguk, my rating to that movie 6/10.. cos sampai sekarang i can't remember apa sudah jalan cerita dia.. :D.. Yesterday i subscribed "Ombak Rindu", because of friends' review and heard all over it on FB.. i bought it in the afternoon, since yesterday Sunday.. so mau chillax kunun2 with the family... at 3 i called everybody including my helper (my Indonesian maid) to sit together in front of the tv.. "tinguk movie kita" i said... so on la "Ombak Rindu" ni... i wasn't expect this movie so much, lantak ja la.. sampai half ja ... habis my tears all over my face... habisla siap kena ejek my kids n hubby lagi.. haha.. everybody seems so enjoyed with that movie.. memang best.. I'm agreed with you all who already watch this... best.. best... wanted 2 watch it again tonight.. :D

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