Monday, August 3, 2009

Ten Tips To Help You Manage Your Time

courtesy by Edwin C. Bliss

best baca tips ni.. i forwarded it to all of u.. manatau membantu.. For me, i found it most helpful.. enjoy reading...

1. Plan - Need to plan what u want to do for the day. Start each day with making a general schedule accordingly.
2. Concentrate - Basically, concentration is the principle of time management.
3. Take Breaks - Works like a machine (Kit Kat adverts). Without taking a break after work for a long periods is not effective use of time. Take a few minutes to something physically such as exercises, walking around the office, changing sitting position to a standing position for a while. Its provide a relief.
4. Avoid clutter - Take time before leaving your office in the afternoon to reorganize your desk so that you gets the next day off to a good start.
5. Don't Be a Perfectionist
6. Don't Be Afraid to Say No - Every request from a friend or anybody else that does not contribute to your goal, learn to decline tactfully but firmly. Many people who worry about offending others wind up living according to other people's priorities.
7. Don't Procrastinate - Start each day by doing the most unpleasant thing on your schedule.. confrontation with your fellow worker, overdue apology.. most of these are annoying chores you have to tackle.. ( paling susah ni.. but have to do it tho..) Be tough with yourself and you'll get a priceless new habit.
8. Apply Radical Surgery - Divert boring activities - Go straight to your real goal.. Cut the boring activities off, once and for all.
9. Delegate - Delegate the challenging and rewarding tasks.
10. Don't be Workaholic - Don't let work interfere with the really importants in life such as family and friends. Symptoms of work addiction include refusal to take a vacation, inability to put the office out of your mind on weekends, a bulging briefcase, and a wife and your kids is practically a stranger. Ask yourself where you put your family in your list of priorities.

Quotation from anonymous philospopher:

Yesterday is a canceled check.
Tomorrow is a promissory note.
Today is ready cash. Use it!