Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


After this two unforgettable sensational movies, i'm looking forward to these... can't wait...


Keputusan UPSR 2011

Diumumkan oleh Portal Maklumat Pendidikan bahawa Keputusan UPSR jatuh pada 17hb November, 2011.. sebagai seorang ibu, tipu kalau tidak nervous kan..?? Mark pada hari tersebut akan menyambut Hari Kelahiran yang ke 12 tahun .... so hopefully the UPSR result will be his best gift ever.. Amen.. anyway in advance Mark, mom loves to wish you a very Happy Birthday and Good Luck Dear... May all your hardworkings will give you the best outcome .. Mom & Dad always luv all ..
Mark's 2010 birthday

Monday, November 14, 2011

Diet challenge

it's still continuing.. and i managed to lose only a kg.. so now i'm 55 kg.. i feel a bit lighter after took the Fujita Lactose by Elken and 4Life Nutrastart.. after gave birth to my 3Ms 8 years ago, my weight was only 48kgs.. and now, makin tua makin pula berat.. so still dieting la... so just hoping that you guys can give me a help about these dieting thingy... i need helpppp.... :D

Buzy Beeezz..

hop.. blog hop... jus love to read friend's blog or unknown bloggers to get an idea to write.. but at the same time i feel that i'm trying to buzy bodying other business.. :D, but well that's what blogging all about right.... anyway, i just read about in my ribbon shoes & Aishah's blog.. and i found that there are very strong girl and their determination made us realised that life is short and live life the fullest while you can .. and of course everything is about family.. no one can replaced them from us .. As a working mom, to handle 3 children are out of control if there's no motivation from your other half.. My hubby is my great motivator, he always reminded me that children at their age now are always hoping for an attention from us.. they will do anything to get attention from us, but luckily my two son not the rebellious type.. answering me back is a common but in a controlled way.. only that my little daughter is such a baby.. she always be my tail :P.. to her, her mom is her idol.. she will imitating whatever i did, specially in terms of ladies' accesories .. some of my friends call her "mel kecik" hehe.. but most of all she's a daddy's girl .. and i know all my children loves their parents so much.. And love you all too my lovely 3Ms..

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Happy Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all muslims out there..

For me.. this holiday is for my resting time.. yeahhh... after such a busiest day yesterday registered for my Melvin & Mark's school for 2012, with such a crowd made me feels so breathless.. haha.. but then it's happen to be well organised.. only that i couldn't stand that crowds and all in a hurry.. hmmm..
kurang lagi 1 kg terlari sana sini.. hehe.. then i went for a dart tournament to see all my friends who took part that time.. it was ok and such supportive and sporting crowds .. after that with my ladies friend to had a coffee break cum karaoke-ing session at KRK at 5 whatt... heee.. then back to the dart tourney.. My brother just came back from Shah Alam for his 2 weeks holiday and again had my time with them at KRK just to have fun and enjoy till 2 in a morning...what a long day...

So today is my quality time with my heroes and heroin and napping time ... so Happy Holidays everyone...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


for you guys out there.. no more Facebook account for me ... it's temporarily closed. So many unexplain caused why i close my accounts. I just want to concentrate at my blog, it's speak more freely and happier.. When I am ready, i will reopen my FB acct same as i did it before to my blog ... By the way, to bloggers friend.. mind if you all can give me ideas and comments towards my blog so i can improve and write more.. Enjoy and happy reading..