Monday, October 31, 2011

7-Days Diet Challenge

hmmm the most extreme things to do is to lose weight... this 7-days challenge i created by myself just to encourage n give me more self esteem... i started last two days with my weight at 56 kg at that time. Last nite i took detox-trim to cleanse my colon and at the same time to enhance my metabolism.. cuba-cubalah kalau berjaya.. hehe..

Day 1

Breakfast - Nutrastart 4Life Chocolate Flavour + Nescafe

Lunch - A glass of Low-Fat Yoghurt + 2 pieces Oatmeal Biscuit + 1 pc popia (unacceptable right?)

Afterwork: Badminton + Playing with my children

Dinner: Mangoes

Supper: A glass of nescafe & a piece of Oatmeal Biscuit..

Day 2

Breakfast - Nutrastart 4Life Chocolate Flavour + Nescafe + Egg Sandwich

Lunch - A glass of Nescafe + 2 pieces of dimsum (:P)

Afterwork: Groceries shopping so no exercises today

Dinner: A bowl of Terung Bakar & Sawi Masak Sos.. but without nasi.. enufff... :(

Day 3

Breakfast - Nescafe + Assam Laksa (aduiiii rusak diet...!!!)

Lunch - Not taken yet ... (alamak.. thinking of kupi2 oredy...)

Dinner - Plan to take my Nutrastart 4Life Chocolate Flavour..

will tell u about my progress of dieting soon k... Have a nice day!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Simple Back Pain Relief

1. Hip Rolls

2. Waist Twist

3. Knee Bends